Mike Tipping for State Senate

Meet Mike

I’ve worked my entire career as a public advocate. I served as spokesperson for Maine’s groundbreaking minimum wage and senior care referendums.

I’m proud to have worked with members of our community for more than a decade to successfully hold the former owners of the HoltraChem plant accountable for the tons of mercury they dumped in the Penobscot River.

I grew up here and I have two eight-year-olds in third grade. My wife, Maggie, is a frontline health care worker. I’m a proud union member.

I know that by working together we can build stronger communities and better lives for families in Maine.

Local Endorsements

“Mike is a breath of fresh air. He takes a stand for our children, elderly and our veterans, three groups close to my heart. Let’s support Mike in the legislature to advocate for all in the community.”
Tami Colbath
Howland Select Board Chair
“This is the earliest we’ve ever endorsed anyone and we’re very, very happy to endorse Mike. His ideas, what he wants to do in the senate, coincide with ours: Medicare for all, universal health care, public health. He’s our candidate.”
Cokie Giles
President, Maine State Nurses Association
“Mike is the person we need to represent us in Augusta. He grew up here, has kids in elementary school and has always worked hard for our community. He’s been a champion on education, health care, fair wages, and cleaning up the river. I urge you to vote for him.”
Moriah Geer
Old Town, RSU 34 School Board
“If you care about access to health care, good schools, clean air and water and making sure our kids have the opportunity to stay here and raise their families here, then Mike Tipping is the best choice for state senate.”
Natalie DiPentino
Enfield, SAD 31 School Board
“Mike is a passionate progressive who has worked hard to improve the lives of Mainers. He has shown leadership on statewide campaigns to raise the minimum wage and ensure better care for seniors. Mike has my vote. We need him in Augusta.”
Laurie Osher
State Representative, Orono
“The choice is clear on education. Mike has kids at Asa Adams, worked to increase school funding and has long been an advocate for higher ed. He will be an excellent representative of our community.”
Lisa Neuman
President, Associated Faculties of UMaine
“Mike Tipping has a record of standing up for students and holding the University of Maine, corporations and politicians from both parties accountable. We’re proud to endorse him.”
Orion Schwab
President, UMaine College Democrats
“Mike has worked to protect the Penobscot River from a corporate polluter and secure the sovereignty of tribal nations in Maine. He’ll be a voice for all of us in Augusta.”
John Banks
Former Penobscot Nation
Natural Resources Director

Mike has been endorsed by more than 50 organizations and local civic leaders.

Time to vote!

If you live in District 8 – Stretching from Veazie to Lincoln to Prentiss – you can vote for Mike on Tuesday, November 8th. (District map)

Video – Why I’m Running

Mike in the News

“It was getting late and I was facing a night without being able to sleep, so I called the only person I could think of: Tipping.
He and his wife, Maggie, who is an occupational therapist, got there 10 minutes later. He fixed my chair while she and I talked through my care and support plans.”
“As a local pediatrician, I see the consequences of patients not having access to the medical care they need on a daily basis.  
I am voting for Mike Tipping to represent District 8 in the Maine State Legislature because he understands the health crises many Maine families face everyday.”
“We need leaders who understand the lives of LGBTQ Mainers and who are guided by the fundamental values of equality and social justice. Mike Tipping will work hard for LGBTQ residents in Senate District 8 and beyond.”
“Endorsers include municipal, tribal and school board officials, local Democratic Party chairs for Burlington, Enfield, Howland, Lincoln, Milford, Old Town, Orono and Springfield and six current and former senators and representatives who reside in or have represented parts of the district.”
“I’ve served as a state senator and state representative for northern Penobscot County and I know how important it is to have strong representation of this area in Augusta.
Mike Tipping has proven that he will work for us on basic, bedrock issues like good jobs that pay fair wages and affordable health care.”
“I am a longtime Orono resident, a parent of a young child, and a teacher with 20 years experience with students in Senate District 8. I care deeply about my community, the health of the environment in which I am raising my son, and the future possibilities for my students[…] I am proud to cast my vote for Mike Tipping”
“I have worked with Tipping on disability issues. He has been a great listener, and he has a keen mind for public policy. And he has courage: Mike has been unafraid to take on interests in Augusta, from whatever party, who have stood in the way of equal access to community support.”
“With the rising threat of PFAS contamination and a narrow window to take significant action on climate change, we need a senator with a strong record on environmental issues who is unafraid to take on corporate polluters.”
“Tipping is not a slick politician or self-serving powerbroker. He’s an earnest, astute and thoughtful individual who sincerely believes in working hard to make Maine a better place for his fellow Mainers, and he has enough experience and knowhow to effectively navigate the political landscape and accomplish those goals.”
“Along with his nuanced understanding of policy and issues is Tipping’s compassionate,  straightforward approach to what he hopes to accomplish.
Tipping’s record and enthusiasm for student issues… should provide a bright hope for UMaine students.”
“Mike Tipping is running for state Senate in District 8, from Lincoln to Veazie. I know where he stands because of the effort he’s already put into protecting our rights. I hope this decision is never up to him and his future peers, but in case it is, I am going to be backing him in the Democratic Primary on June 14 and I urge you to do the same.”
“There is not as much that we can do in Maine about global oil prices, but something we can do better is hold the power companies accountable for their price gouging,” Tipping said.